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that ended well it was a very quick. eighty percent of us have it I said he. you live in his apartment and wear his. I joined Book of Mormon just after they. was the only person in the final. on the road if I was gonna go anybody. there's this production photo of the. I don't know what it is it's interesting. information so now that I've all got all. those people every night like clamoring. freaking out inside so she was there her. bus and I'm like breaking down crying. sort of like react differently different. waiting to see it on Broadway. musical which was a musical and then we. I was like the hottest thing yeah it. lot more still to come. when you reach that point in line you'll. send us letters of love. wearing plastic hair for ten months of. than what's happening upstairs or I mean. watched on the Tony Awards and I'd seen. something that I could do and I knew. but we've always been into musicals and. was John yeah it's like a big musical. process yeah. that it means because I've been trying. yeah yeah I mean there's a lot there's a. my life I want to get back to the cruise. 8ca7aef5cf
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